We are a team of professionals who enjoy our activities and strive to become better each day. We are continuously enhancing our knowledge and skills in the field of energy efficiency.
Our work is aimed at improvement of the energy efficiency of your company. We work hard to achieve the required results.
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We are always interested in feedback from customers. We try hard to be helpful to the client in solving his/her problems.
We are approaching our tasks with a high degree of responsibly. We would only take a job that we know we can professionally and successfully complete.
Our services
Energy audit of enterprises
Complex energy inspection of the company's energy system by the types of energy used. Estimation of energy saving potential. Development of a strategy to improve the energy efficiency of the enterprise.
Energy audit of buildings
Energy inspection of the building, identification of the main sources of energy losses, preparation of an energy efficiency plan, taking into account the availability and cost of financing, ranking of measures in terms of investment costs and payback periods.
Energy management
Monitoring of energy consumption, development of energy budgets, analysis of existing indicators as a basis for new budgets, development of energy policy, planning of new energy-saving measures, etc.
Investigation of the building envelope, heat supply systems. Determination of heat carrier loss points.
Hydraulic adjustment of heat networks
Hydraulic calculation, adjustment of heat networks.
Renewable energy
Full support of renewable energy projects
Our team
Professionals are working every day to provide the best service and make our customers happy.
Founder and CEO
Technical Director
Stanislav DUBKO
Finance and Investment Consultant
Energy Auditor
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